All The Little Lights Review. *OPENING NIGHT* Arcola


As you walk into the small studio space to take your seat, the action has already begun: it’s evening and two girls have set up camp near a train track, you get the feeling that you are about to witness something very intimate happen between the characters on stage.

The plot is based on what happens to young girls who’ve been sexually exploited. As the play starts to reveal itself, the dialogue exposes each girls past. How they’ve had to deal with their demons and how they act now, as a result of their past trauma.

Jane Upton did a brilliant job with this play because she managed to write honestly about three young girls that use different coping mechanisms to deal with their past and present. The writing gave just enough away so the audience could imagine the rest and the dynamic between the characters in this play is something very interesting to watch.

Max Dorey’s set design was very telling of the characters class and their state of mind: the garbage everywhere symbolising the total disarray living in each of them.


In terms of performance, it’s difficult to say. It was the first performance so there’s always nerves. Sadly, I feel like a couple very key moments were lost for me due to either rushing lines or not really being alive in the emotion of the text. Sometimes I felt like there was text but no meaning: No core belief of these things happening to the players. But Its’s not an easy play, so congratulations to the actors involved because in such an intimate setting you are completely exposed.


In conclusion, I’d definitely pay to watch this again and anyone who hasn’t watched it yet, you better go buy your ticket NOW before its too late! This play is on my must watch list for any theatre lover. It’s got great writing, a great location, great set and talented actors! I’m glad I came to opening night and wish you all the best of luck for your run.


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