Our Town Review. ARTS ED


This year I have really invested my time into going to watch plays, especially at drama schools because I’m auditioning and need to know what each school offers.

After visitiing ARTS ED a number of times in the past year, I can happily say that last night’s performance was the best show I’ve seen there so far.

Each time I’ve visited ARTS, I’ve noticed that there’s an excitement before the shows like no other school. The buzz is overwhelming from the time you step your foot in the door.

The play I went to see was about a small town in America called grovers corners. In this play they explore love, loss and expose truths about the human condition we’re all in.

Thornton Wilder did an amazing job writing this stage play because I left thinking about my own life and how moments have gone by and I have’t noticed. The set itself was minimalistic and I enjoyed that because the audience was able to use their imagination.

The actors did a great job setting the scenes, I believed every minute of where I was and the innocence of the ‘young love’ explored in this play was exciting to watch. But at times I did notice accents slip and the emotional ending for the lead female didn’t quite hit the mark for me but that did not take away from my overall experience.

Finally, at ARTS ED their choice of modern plays are always interesting, I’ve never felt bored by a play choice because I feel like it’s relevant to me and after last night, I believe ARTS ED is definitely one of the places I will audition this year.

P.s If you haven’t seen this yet and your interested in watching plays or want to go drama school, I honestly recommend watching this. So buy your tickets now!

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