#HashtagLightie Review. Arcola

After reading the 4* Review of this play in the Stage and my mates constant pestering to go watch it before the run ended I decided to finally book my ticket.

Lynette Linton’s play exposes truths about identity, unacceptable accepted social norms and how people are branded by their race. As a ‘modern’ society we like to believe institutional racism is over but this play really re-opens that conversation. What does it mean to be mixed race in a world where there is still a massive divide between black and white. She also shed’s light on the current social media culture young people are exposed to and how it can affect their perception of what is real and what’s online.

The play follows the protagonist Ella (Adele James) and her mixed race family.

Ella embarks on a journey through the world wide web creating a youtube channel, at first its just about having a channel and getting free stuff. But as the play goes on you see that she truly starts to believe she is better than others because of the colour of her skin.


There was a lot of comedy in the play which helped the audience get involved and enjoy what they were watching but as the show ended the serious tones where at the forefront.

Does a mixed race person pick their side when they pick there partner?

After watching this play I did question how the world has changed, now it is fashionable to like the light skinned girls, why? Because that’s whats portrayed mainstream? Because they’re closer to white people and so can be accepted? What I understood is racism is still very relevant and apparent in the world we live in because the colour of your skin should have no impact on your life but it does for many people who are not white.

As a white person luckily I have never experienced racism first hand but it shocks me to think there are uneducated people out there that will judge and scrutinize people because of the way they were born. I am against this in every way and believe we need to commission more pieces like this to showcase different stories because thats the only way people who don’t understand, will.

Finally, I absolutely loved this play! It made me think, laugh till I was in tears and really question the world I am in. I would recommend this to anyone.

Rating: ****

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