Hanna Review. Arcola

Hanna - Sam Potter - Papatango Theatre Company - Arcola Theatre

When I heard this play was about a half turkish, working-class, british young mum discovering her 3 year old daughter wasn’t her real birth child, I was sold.

If you know nothing about me, then here’s a few personal details to give you some insight; I’m a working-class, british young mum of turkish heritage and I also have a 3 year old daughter. So… you can see why I got so excited!

Sam potter’s writing feels conversational, the set is very minimalistic in an attempt to eliminate the ‘I’m now an audience member watching a show” feeling.

It’s very nice to see a play written about young motherhood and what family means in this modern society because most of the time these voices are never heard.

Sophie did a great job portraying the shy, impulsive and honest Hanna; she was relatable, a good mum, a normal young girl looking after a small human being.

Hanna - Sam Potter - Papatango Theatre Company - Arcola Theatre

This one-woman show begins as Hanna (Sophie Khan Levy) starts to explain how a baby mix-up at the hospital lead her to where she is today. She re-lives the Journey of having a DNA test and discovering that the daughter she’s raised Ellie isn’t really hers. As she describes the thread of events that lead her from beginning to end, the audience feel connected every step of the way, like a supportive friend.

When Hanna finally meets her birth daughter and Ellie’s birthmother for the first time, she’s completely thrown by their wealth and judges herself for not being able to offer that kind of lifestyle to Ellie. As weeks go by the four of them become so close until one day Hanna is presented with a legal document saying the couple want custody of both kids and she is ‘not fit’ to be a mother to either.

What can a young girl with no lawyer, no support or no money do in this situation? The play asks everyone this question: How does class, race and income affect parenthood?

If you want to know what happens next, I urge you to buy a ticket and experience it for yourself! It’s running at the Arcola theatre until the 20th January and will tour after that.

Rating: ****


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