Muswell Hill Review. LAMDA


I’ve never been to watch a play at LAMDA before and last night was my first time. OpenDoorPeople hooked me up with some tickets to watch the second year MFA students production of ‘Muswell Hill’, not going to lie as per usual I had no idea what I was getting myself into but I was ready to embark on the journey: just me and my beer.

Essentially this play is about a dinner party that goes wrong: the more alcohol that gets consumed, the worse it gets and the kitchen becomes the sanctuary for these guests. We slowly witness the breakdown of the hosts relationship, a dysfunctional drunk gets all consumed into exposing the capitalist world we live in, an ageing shakespeare director can’t deal with being surrounded by ‘magnificent totty’ and no dinner party is complete without a drunk actress performing her speech for everyone.

All in all, I thought the show itself had an interesting concept: showcasing the lives of these middle class people living in London whilst still relating it to the global issues we face everyday. The cast did a great job creating the world and it made me think about how everyone lives their lives in their own bubbles and we’re all just ordinary people.

In conclusion, I was fairly tipsy by the end of the show and I feel like there was a adequate ratio of comedy to drama. At some points I was laughing my head off and at other points I was intently listening to what was happening. At points the acting fell out of immediacy but its a live performance so that’s understandable, I feel like the cast worked well as an ensemble and created a believable world.

After watching this show, I am super pumped to watch another show at LAMDA!

RATING: ****

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