ArtsED Audition. 2018


As I have experienced auditioning for drama school for the first time this year after talking about doing it for a good four years I thought I would share my experiences so anyone deciding to go through the process had an idea of what it was all about.

The first school that I auditioned for this year was Arts Educational, I decided to apply for this school because many of the people I studied with in college during my performing arts BTEC course ended up graduating from here. I had heard good things from many people, so I thought why the hell not! It was never one of my first choice’s because despite the word of mouth they were not listed as one of the top 5 schools.

On the audition day, I made sure I woke up early to do a vocal and physical warmup. As I walked through the doors I saw all the other candidates sitting at the entrance, some chatting away with others they had just met and others were nervously starring into the abyss trying to cope with the level of fear pumping through their body. I was in my own zone, talking to no-one and getting ready for the audition ahead of me.

Our names were called and we were herded into a rehearsal room on the top floor where we began a movement workshop. It was all very fun and once we finished we were split into our four audition groups.


We all sat in a room with two people on the panel, one by one we got up and did our pieces: everyone did their contemporaries then there was another round where we did our classical speeches. I was the last name on the list in my group which meant I could watch the others and then go up feeling a little more relaxed. Honestly, as soon as my name was called the amount of adrenaline that started pumping through my body was insane. The day had finally come around, my first ever drama school audition!

Anyway, I did what I could and then we were escorted back to the first rehearsal room. After that I felt so relieved, I’d manage to get through my pieces without crumbling under pressure and I was pretty confident that I had done an alright job. We had a tour (I wasn’t exactly impressed) and that was it, my first drama school audition was over.

To my absolute surprise, I received a letter from the school two days later saying I had been rejected. I could not believe it and even though I told everyone I was fine, the truth was that I was completely gutted. I’d put in so much effort and to be rejected so quickly definitely impacted my confidence and affected my next audition at LAMDA as well.

Finally, the lesson I leant from this experience was that you have to stay calm, actually take a moment before you start to remember where you are and whats just happened so you don’t just go into ‘monologue mode’ because of the adrenaline. The next thing I learnt is, it’s okay to get rejected because not everyone will love what you do and you have to let that go otherwise you will never be able to progress onto better things.

In conclusion, if you are thinking of auditioning or have auditioned already and like me haven’t been successful… FUCK IT! (Mind my french please) just have fun and if you enjoyed the auditioning experience try again the next year.. Good Luck!

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