York Realist Review. Donmar

If you’re under 25 then the Donmar have a treat for you… FREE theatre tickets! If you’re a self-proclaimed thespian like moi, what the hell are you waiting for… SIGN UP NOW!!

I want to start by saying that I have fallen in love with their performance space, I would love to perform there and yes I’ve added it to my bucket-list! The reason I adore it so much is because it still feels very intimate even if your not in the stalls, perfection.



It’s 1960 in a small town in Yorkshire, a young man called George (Ben Batt) has lived with his mother in a small cottage his entire life. George decides to audition for a play happening near his town and after getting a role, rehearsals begin. He meets the assistant director John (Jonathan Bailey) and their relationship changes everything.


Throughout this naturalistic play you get to witness the struggle of two people who have found each other but can not be together because of their circumstances.


Peter Gill does a great job exploring the themes of family, class and homosexuality. Also, props to the set designers, lighting and of course the actors. I feel like everyone involved really worked very hard to create a fantastic piece, I was completely sucked into their world and honestly moved by the two men’s relationship because I wasn’t expecting it.

In conclusion, this is another one I would recommend for the seasoned theatre-goer. The tickets are very limited right now but if you really want to go, then Donmar reserve x10 £10 standing tickets everyday that are released on the day at 10am. Check those out!

RATING: ****


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