Drama Centre Audition. 2018


Finding the exact location of Drama Centre was probably my first challenge of the day. When I arrived at the warehouse looking building that is UAL I literally had no idea where to go. Eventually I asked a security guard and he pointed me to the reception where all the other nervous auditionee’s where congregated. I sat down and relaxed.

We were then split into two group and lead into the building by our student guides. Both groups were taken into separate rooms, we did a quick group warm-up and then sat down ready to do our speeches in front of each other. We took turns doing our shakespeare and then our modern. Once we were all done the student guide gave us a tour of the tiny school that is Drama Centre whilst the panel prepared a recall list.

After the tour we were escorted back to our first audition room where the list had been put up on the door, if your name wasn’t on the list then you had to go home and luckily my name was the last one on the list so I stayed for the second part of the day.

The recall started and we all did our shakespeare speeches again. This time the panel redirected us and once all the speeches were done we all left to wait outside to be called in one by one for our interview.

Once the interview was done, you were free to leave and they would be in touch to let you know if you got through to the final round or not.

As I left the building I was so happy because this was my first recall ever. I felt like I had done my best and thought I would be getting to the final round. But a week later I got a notification on UCAS telling me that I had been unsuccessful this time. I was gutted but thought, never mind… onto the next one.

In conclusion, getting on the recall list at Drama Centre really gave me the confidence boost I needed for my next auditions. Essentially, it proved to me that if I am good enough to get a recall here, then I can get a recall anywhere and even get a place.


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